My Bike Team

Time_trial_bike_Ellen_van_Dijk_2014 my bike teamAwesome team

My team’s name is Sprint and I love it. Our uniforms are orange, black and blue. My team is like a family all my friends are like sisters to me. My coaches are really important because they help me with all my problems. And I have my dad. My dad is really important because without my dad I would not be in the Sprint club and would not have a road bike or have clip in shoes to help me up the hills that come with the road.

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Are you in a bike team if so please tell me?


My Swim Team


The first time I got to the pool to start my first swim practice I had butterflies. After that I got used to the people around me they are all really nice. My best friend at the pool is Laura because if I don`t understand something I can always ask her.

My coach is really fun and nice he will always explain a second time if I don`t understand. Because it is a competitive swim team I am going to do at least 12 competitions this year I have a competition on the 18th of October.

Please tell me if you are on a team and do competitions!

Living On The Moon

120px-Lunar-eclipse-09-11-2003 bethanyIf I lived on the moon I would have a moon car and it would be purple. I would also have a tiffany blue moon suite because I love that color. I would build a home on the moon but my house would be really small. It would only have one bedroom and a very small kitchen combined with the living room. My house would be very small because do not want to take a lot of space on the moon. At some point I would probably make a research center for all the little kids who love the moon and want to learn about it.

Amazing Home

120px-Hawkeye_Log_Cabin_Museum_Crapo_Park_-_Burlington_IowaIf I won a contest and got a free house I would design it like this. My house would be very modern and also vintage. It would have many different colors and shapes.

The house itself would be unique in its own way. The house would be a log cabin but modified to be more modern than an actual long cabin in the woods. My bedroom would be aqua or tiffany blue because they are my favorite colors. In my house there would be an indoor pool on the main floor of the house. The pool would be an in ground pool with a diving board to practice my dives and my flips. My sister would have a purple room. And in her room she would have a bunk bed with aqua sheets because she loves those colors.

If you want you can leave me a comment about your dream home.

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