Water baby

swimmingboardSince I was born my Mom always called me a water baby. I have always liked swimming. I grew up in a house with an indoor in ground pool and that is where I learned to swim. When I moved here, every summer, I would have two weeks of swimming lessons at the city pool. To this day I am still a big swimmer. Continue reading

Montreal At It’s Best


This week’s post will be about one of my favorite things to do in Montreal. I am going to talk about the Montreal International Fireworks Competition. To me the Montreal Fireworks are very special. I used to go see them every year but we stopped going. Fireworks are big explosion’s (not harmful) of color and noise. All the different fireworks combination of the big and the smallest, the high in the sky and the low to the ground, the super fancy and the ordinary is what makes the show so special. One of the best locations to go see these Fireworks are from the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. It is really the best spot but do be careful they can scare small kids and dogs. This bridge is very important in our society because without it there would be even more traffic! When you get to the bridge the police are there so no vehicles get onto the bridge. So if you are in Montreal this summer check out the 2016 schedule at www.parcjeandrapeau/international-des-feux-loto-quebec-montreal/ .

Image source https://www.flickr.com/photos/nine_six_three_goat/7759583366/in/album-72157631018289536/



My Inspiration Post

ironman_konaHello world its Bethany Online today I will talk about my dad Bobbie Mac – discovery of my dad’s life before I was born. This will tell you a little bit more on why I like swimming so much and biking. Before I was born my dad was really athletic he still is but less.

Question : When were you born ?

Answer : I was born July 5th – – – –

Question : What was your greatest achievement ?

Answer : I competed in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships.triathletes

Question : Can you tell me a bit about this competition?

Answer : The Hawaii Ironman World Championships started in 1978 and moved to the big island in 1981, 3,86 km open water swim, 180 km bike ride across Continue reading

A Shout-Out to Kylee

avatarHello world, today  I have a shout-out to make. This shout-out is on Kylee`s blog and she is from the United- States of America. You can even visit her at http://afascinatingblogbykylee.edublogs.org/ .

Her blog is awesome because it is really personalized. Kylee has one post that I really like it is called My favorite Hairstyles. That is my favorite post because also relates to the hairstyles that I like as well. Continue reading

My Gym Camp

gymRepgym repy,This past summer I went to a Gym Camp called Gymrep. I went with my friend Nyha Online she is another blogger on this blog. When we went we had a lot of fun and we did over 18 hours of gymnastics in a day. When we had free time after lunch when we did relaxation or wipe out. It was so fun but on the last day, Continue reading

Horrible Fears


My nightmare has always been to die but now I remember a more important one. Let me tell you about it, my nightmare was that I fell off a boat into the ocean and in the water I could see sharks coming towards me not only could I not see but it was also the middle of the night. I was yelling because I was very scared and worried about getting hurt because of the shark.

My general fears are losing my family and my close friends. If I lost my friends I would be devastated because they can always help me out of my problems. One of my most scary fears is losing my big fluffy cat, actually I did almost lose my cat because she had been all tied up around the neck and she could not breath I almost felt like someone new that I cared and they just wanted me really scared. I also talk to Skylar and she said that she was afraid of losing her family like me. Continue reading

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