Bye Bye Blog

Hey guys, it’s me again. I was just thinking about the fact that I will be leaving grade 6 soon which means I will be sunsetleaving the blog. This year was very exciting learning all these new things and improving in some of them. I hope you guys enjoyed me being on the blog. In the next paragraphs you will learn what I learnt the most and how I felt my blog expectations went.

The skills I learnt or even improved this year. This year I improved on a skill that was not my favorite but that now is, TYPING. Typing was not my favorite skill because I was not the best at it. I may not still be the best at it but I have improved tremendously. There is a reason that most of you may know or not, but typing is a very useful skill when it comes to High school, College or University. When you have assignments due the next day and they’re not done you should be able to type them very fast and be done before midnight.

I also learnt a lot about widgets and how to comment. Commenting was probably the most fun part of the blog this year even though we did have some difficulties. What happened is that Skylar’s comments and some of my comments were getting stuck in the spam folder. So our teacher could not see them. Continue reading

Vintage Game Post

WizardsChessWhen I was little the first board game I ever played was “Candyland” but my favorite board game is always going to be monopoly. Monopoly is the board game that I got for my 10th birthday.  I am so scared to destroy the game that I never opened it. It’s still in the plastic wrap. I will probably open it someday. There are many different characters in monopoly.

Sometimes when you watch a movie you see the characters playing different games. If you know this movie, you will probably find it easy to understand. The movie that I am talking about is “Harry Potter and the Continue reading

Success and what it is

chalk board success BethanyIn my eyes success is something most people have. I am an athlete and I know that my coach really wants me to do well, so I try my best. This is my first year in a competitive team and the first day I walked in. The head coach saw that I would be able to succeed. But only if I tried very hard.

The people who always say “OH I can’t do this” or “No that is way too hard”. Those are the people that sometimes never succeed. My dad was a very successful person. He was an ordinary guy and then next thing you know he’s in Kona Hawaii doing the biggest Ironman in the world. (You can read my post about it). Continue reading

Life With Nature

envronment post Bethany OnlineNature is very important in all of our lives. Technically, nature was here before we arrived. Once we humans arrived we started to take over the natural world and nature’s home became our home. A home is very important to all living things because it’s where we feel safest. If you have a safe place to go then your life feels better.

There are many things we can do to save our planet from ourselves. There are nature haters out there but I think there are believers as well and I am sure we can succeed. There are so many things that we can change. We can start by having more biodegradable ingredients in packaging such as wrappers. This would help with shoreline cleanup all over Canada. Continue reading

Three Worlds by M.C. Escher

The image of Escher’s 3 worlds was my inspiration for this piece…Three Worlds Escher

There once was a lake, a very dark lake. It only had one fish in it. That fish was a very large fish, it was a cat fish. The lake was surrounded by a forest of shade trees. There were many leaves on that lake. No one dared look or even go near it. It was always very dark around the lake even when the sun was shining bright.  The lonely fish that lived in the lake had big bulgy eyes. That fish always stayed at one side of the lake. Why? No one knows, maybe there is something dangerous at the other side but no one knows that ether for no one goes to the lake. But that was all about to change for a mysterious family had just moved in across the street from that same lake.  They had a daughter and a dog that was all they had, never any family reunions, ever!

The little girl that lived in the house with her dog was only 6 years old and she was very nosy she liked going for walks around the lake with her dog. But one day during the summer she told her mom’’ Mom I am going to the lake bye’’. When it was supper her mom called and called but she could not see her daughter. So she decided to go look for her, it was windy and cold that night. When her mom walked around the lake she didn’t see her. On her 3rd lap of the lake she spotted the fish, it was at the wrong side of the pond which was very unsual.. The mom got really scared because she thought her daughter fell in the lake. What if she did?


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